ResourcesLearning Outcome Review - Requirements


Most of the requirements of the Learning Outcome Review (LOR) are enforced by the SAICA Electronic Assessment Tool (EAT) (validation checks on all fields, state machine for resolution process actions, automatic reminders etc.). Understanding the requirements can greatly assist users during the completion of a LOR.

Submission requirements (when should you submit a LOR?):

As a minimum, the Trainee must submit a LOR for review every (calendar) month.

The initial submission date of the LOR is used to track compliance.

The Trainee can however submit any number of LORs each month. As the Reviewer must be directly involved during the performance of the task by the Trainee, the decision to complete and submit more than one LOR per month would depend, amongst other considerations, whether the Trainee worked with/under more than one Reviewer.

 During the Professional Development Summary (PDS) period:

  • The Trainee should ensure they meet the Expected Level of Proficiency for every Learning Outcome before the end of the PDS period (Expected Levels are set on the Training Plan). The Trainee can track their progress on their Dashboard and Reports.
  • If the Expected Level of Proficiency has not been reached before the end of the PDS period, the Learning Outcome will be flagged for development on the PDS.

The minimum requirements to submit a LOR for review are:

  • Complete the Technical Context and add at least 1 learning outcome to it; and
  • Add and complete at least 1 Professional Values and Attitude (PVA) or Enabling Acumen (EA) Learning Outcome.

Please note that you can add the same PVA and EA Learning Outcome to the LOR more than once.