ResourcesOverview of the SAICA CA2025 Assessment Process


The figure below provides an overview of the components of the CA2025 Assessment Process and how they interact.

From the figure, we can see that:

  • The Training Plan is the overarching document to guide the assessment process, within PDS periods.
  • Learning Outcome Reviews (LORs) are completed within a PDS period.
  • Professional Development Summary (PDS) summarises the LORs at the end of the PDS period.

 The Training Plan and the two Assessment Instruments (LOR & PDS) are briefly introduced below.

Training Plan

The Training Plan sets out the predetermined expected progression of a Trainee throughout their training contract. The Training Plan is prepared by the Training Office (TO) and sets out the expectations of Trainees for each PDS period. The PDS period on the Training Plan can be either 3, 4 or 6 months long.

Learning Outcome Review - (Formative assessment)

During the PDS period, the trainee performs the Technical Competencies (TCs) at the TO and gains experience in and develops the Professional Values and Attitudes and Enabling Acumens (PVAA’s). The trainee, on the LOR:

  • presents evidence of their demonstration of the PVAA’s,
  • reflects on their own competence,
  • knows their strengths and weaknesses, and
  • uses feedback to inform and develop their competence.

Professional Development Summary - (Summative assessment)

 At the end of the PDS period, the Trainee’s progress against the final proficiency level requirements is evaluated on the PDS. The PDS summarises the LORs submitted during the PDS period. Development requirements of the Trainee are considered and actions (including exposure and training) planned for the next PDS period.