ResourcesRemove a learning outcome from a submitted Learning Outcome Review?


This question has popped up fairly regularly. The answer:

 Learning Outcomes cannot be removed after the Learning Outcome Review (LOR) has been submitted for review.

The typical scenario is that the Trainee submits a LOR for review that includes one or more Learning Outcomes that were not performed and/or do not relate to the task(s) set out on the Technical Context, based on the opinion of the Reviewer. The Reviewer then performs the ‘request review’ action on the Learning Outcome under consideration and requests the Trainee to remove the Learning Outcome from the LOR. And as you now know, it is not possible to remove the Learning outcome.

The reasons why Learning Outcomes cannot be removed after submitting the LOR for review:

  1. The record of the Trainee’s understanding at the time the LOR was submitted, will be deleted.
  2. The guidance/feedback provided by the Reviewer, if any, will also be deleted.
  3. The Reviewer’s opinion (that the Learning Outcome is not applicable) may be wrong.
  4. The Trainee will not be able to dispute and flag this for the Evaluator/Assessor to consider on the PDS.

What is the correct course of action for the Reviewer to take then, if they believe the Learning Outcome should not form part of the LOR?

  • For Professional Values and Attitudes: Indicate via the ‘Accept’ field that they do not accept that the Trainee performed the task and provide a reason/feedback/guidance.
  • For Enabling Acumens: Use the ‘Did not demonstrate’ button in the ‘Reviewer rating’ field and provide a reason/feedback/guidance for the trainee.