ResourcesTo accept or mark as unresolved?


The SAICA EAT tracks the ‘states’ of all Learning Outcomes and the Technical Context on the Learning Outcome Review (LOR), separately.

 Above, you can see at the top right corner the state of the Learning Outcome is ‘initiated’.

In order to finalise a Learning Outcome Review (LOR), all the Learning Outcomes on the LOR and the Technical Context section needs to be in either of the 3 final states:

  • Accepted (Trainee accepted the Reviewer’s rating/feedback)
  • Unresolved by Trainee (Trainee indicated it is unresolved)
  • Unresolved by Reviewer (Reviewer indicated it is unresolved)

It is important to understand the impact of these final states (of the Learning Outcomes and Technical Context on the LOR) on the Professional Development Summary (PDS).

If the state is ‘Unresolved by Trainee’ or ‘Unresolved by Reviewer’, the Learning Outcome will be flagged on the PDS. The Evaluator and Assessor will then be able to resolve it on the PDS.

 The Evaluator/Assessor should consider if any of the unresolved items on the LOR requires further intervention.

 The ‘Accepted’ state means that the Trainee accepted the Reviewer’s rating/feedback. Accordingly, the ‘Accepted’ state does not mean it will pull through to the PDS. For example, if the Reviewer indicated that they do not accept the Trainee’s evidence and the Trainee agrees with the Reviewer (i.e. the final state is ‘Accepted’ and not ‘Unresolved’), the Learning Outcome will not pull through to the PDS.